May the Fourth Be With You

“May the Fourth Be With You” by aforgrave, on Flickr

Today is Star Wars Day!

The large graphic was sourced on the internet — it was there in a gazillion variations (I gather it was designed to promote the full, six-movie DVD release). I adjusted the canvas size to extend the black background to better fit a desktop wallpaper, if you want to use it as such — even just for today. 🙂

The May 4 iCal icon was customized in Illustrator (Helvetica Neue font) and the banner text was added using Photoshop. The font, freeware sourced from, is the Star Wars Jedi font by Boba Fonts. The font easily lets you use the number keys to put the box around your chosen text: 1 gives you the left border and “Star,” and 9 gives you the right border and “Wars,” and some other number keys allow you to add the remaining border lines above and below the text.

Have a great day, and … May the Fourth Be With You!