Sum Pauper Ego

“I am a poor man,
I have nothing,
I want for nothing.”

I first encountered this wonderful round during my B.Ed. year at Queens University, Kingston. As part of the Outdoor and Experiential Education course taught by James Raffan, we met once a week for a five hour experience — rock climbing, historical walk, a night hike, a campfire, a tour of a retired Canadian naval icebreaker. Each week a different group was responsible for preparing a meal appropriate to that week’s theme — we shared the food partway through the evening. Such a great part of a wonderful class.

I have fond memories of the “campfire” evening, which actually took place in a classroom at the Faculty of Education building — but which culminated in an after-class sing-along in a wonderfully acoustic stairwell that James led us to. I illustrated the simple lyrics in my journal (James Raffan and journalling — that’s another story), along with a picture of a drinking straw bagpipe that I played as we did Amazing Grace.

Experiential learning, to be sure.

Audio Assignment 1027 Row Row Polyphony for audio week.

Organ created using GarageBand, a couple of G’s played through.
Vocal was sung through once, then duplicated twice and offset by two bars each time to create the 3-part round.

Font is Herculanum.
Paper texture by akinna-stock