EduPunks’ Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF

"Edupunks Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF" animated GIF by aforgrave

“Edupunks Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF” animated GIF by aforgrave

Success! Oh Happy Day!! The flat original animated GIF layers, after being Grouped and Duplicated into the 3D Book template .psd, managed to hold their alignment as a group while the scale, rotate, and skew tranforms were applied.

After that, it was necessary to create 42 frames to re-make the animation (copying GIF layers to another file as a group keeps them together and in order as layers, but the frame animation information is lost) and then sequentially re-assign the GIF layers to the frames in order and then re-apply the frame intervals to restore the animation.

But it worked! Just as it should. No photoshop futzing required.

Hooray for the tool allowing the implementation of a vision in support of the refinement of a technical skill and acquisition of new learning all while some Art is being made.