tdc618 John and Me and Tina

“tdc618 John and Me and Tina” by aforgrave, on Flickr

The Daily Create for September 17th tdc618 prompts us to “create a Face Swap image of yourself swapped with Talky Tina’s face!

Since John Johnston (@johnjohnston, on Twitter) had done such a masterful face swap already with iamTalkyTina (@iamTalkyTina, on Twitter), I decided that I would riff on his image and swap my face with his. So my face winds up on Tina, Tina’s face winds up on John, and John’s face winds up on me.

If anyone is interested in joining us, I’ve extended the wall and carpeting even further to John’s right so that there is room for you to crowd in.

It’s also nice to see three different ds106 shirts represented — the ds106radio shirt (which I am now wearing), the Giulia Forsythe (@GiuliaForsythe, on Twitter) Kickstarter campaign shirt (which Tina is now wearing) and the ds106zone shirt from summer2013 (which John is now wearing).