Thought Vectors in Concept Space

"Rod Has a Thought Vector" animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Rod Has a Thought Vector” animated GIF by @aforgrave

Well, I’ll be arriving a bit late to this party, but the summer break brings a bit of extra time to participate in a variety of online learning experiences, and so I’m going to jump into the Thoughtvectors in Concept Space course as an open, online participant. There are a lot of great folks already engaged in the conversations, spinning their vectors out and sharing, and so I’m hoping to have a bit of time over the next little while to do a bit of reading, join in the conversations, and make a few GIFs!

First up will be a viewing of the recent Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampebell) #thoughtvectors interview with historic computing pioneer, Alan Kay. At 3 hours in length, it should make for a most interesting viewing. What a great opportunity!