Diver #GIFfight!

"GIFfight! Mac Aquarium, with Diver," animatedGIF by @aforgrave

“GIFfight! Mac Aquarium, with Diver,” animatedGIF by @aforgrave

The GIFfight! challenge is always a fun one. First established by New York art professor Ryan Seslow (@ryanseslow) and long-time #ds106 participant and communications instructor Micheal Branson Smith (@mbransons), it has drawn the attention of a good number of the GIFfing #ds106 community.

The static prompt for this challenge is a still of an undersea diver — on a skateboard or surfboard.  While other entries to date take the diver to a variety of locations, I decided to put the diver back underwater in a simple animated aquatic scene. Once that was done, I needed a container to house the scene. What better than a classic Mac Plus hardware Aquarium.

Enjoy! And check out all the fancy stickers that you can look at when the power is off.