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Back in the Saddle?

The Daily Create, tdc1997 Show Us Your Bike has prompted me to get my bike out of storage, put some air in the tires, and take it out for a spin so that I could get a good picture. It was a great feeling to be moving on the bike again, and given that the summer break […]

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Two big-name Canadian rock bands, Rush, and Max Webster,  collaborated 37 years ago when they recorded the track “Battlescar,” live at Phase One Studios in Toronto.  The power of the vocals, guitars, and drums in this song has always had me wondering what might have come about had the two bands merged into one.  The […]

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Orbit 360 Panorama Clone Attack

Last fall I backed the Orbit 360 on Kickstarter, and the hardware arrived on May 24th. The device is designed to hold and pan your smartphone as the phone captures either video or panorama images. Two apps for the iOS offer two separate functions. The DSCVR Tracker is designed to follow a face as a […]

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Mommy Was Right

The Daily Create, tdc1996 asks us to create a tag line, an alternate reality, or just plain old royal humour for this photo of the Queen and Charles. The original caption for the photo was “Bring your child to work day,” by Matt Chorley (@MattChorley) A good number of ds106 community members have been participating […]

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Cartoon Thyself!

Myself, filtered using the Toon Camera app, for The Daily Create, tdc1994. The app gave me a range of different images. I layered them together in Photoshop and exported them as an animated GIF.

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Ketchup Revelation

Created using the Hieroglyphs Generator for The Daily Create, tdc1993, which asks us to share some wisdom with the community and with future generations. So here’s a little bon mot. As well, I’m sure there are a bunch more The Daily Create challenges just waiting to be discovered on the mobilefish site.

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Mermaid Joe’s Brooklyn Ferry Service

Concept for a movie, poster yet to be realized: Following the disassembly of the Brooklyn Bridge, a great-great-great-great grandson of one of the original workers on the bridge establishes a ferry service across the East River to maintain connection between the mainland and Manhattan. For The Daily Create, tdc1985, “Design a movie poster for a […]

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Tiny Planet World of DS106

So, back in the day you could make some pretty cool “Tiny Planet” photos using the iPhone app, Tiny Planet Photos. I had a bit of inspiration to try out the app (it was still on my phone) but ran into some real problems in getting something like what I remember from back when. After […]

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T-Shirt Paint Create Lune

John Johnston (@johnjohnston, on Twitter) has created yet another web tool that polls the #ds106 flickr feed and allows you to create a “Lune” to accompany an image. I had not heard of the Lune before today, but it turns out to be a Haiku variant, based on word count rather than syllables. The pattern is […]

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The Headless 106’s – Greatest Hits

The Daily Create, tdc1990, asks us to share a band and album cover for which the band is missing something — Men without Hats was given as the example. Back in the fall of 2013, a “headless” version of ds106 was envisioned whereby the course would be available online for “drop in” and community participation, […]

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Keep Calm and Make Art

So here’s a bit of a backstory. When I entered grade 9 and had to select my courses, I filled up all of my available slots with courses but didn’t have any room left for Visual Arts. By the time I got to grade 13 and saw what a lot of my artist friends were […]

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Almost Realistic!

The Daily Create, tdc1987, asks us to use the Fotogenerator web tool “to turn a series of line sketches into a photo.” We are then asked to assess “how scary or realistic” the results are. Below you can see the sketch I drew (a bit tricky, using your mouse to draw on in the input […]

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Daily Create Shirt – 2017

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