Tiny Planet World of DS106

“World of DS106 Tiny Planet,” animated GIF by @aforgrave

So, back in the day you could make some pretty cool “Tiny Planet” photos using the iPhone app, Tiny Planet Photos. I had a bit of inspiration to try out the app (it was still on my phone) but ran into some real problems in getting something like what I remember from back when.

“Our VERY Tiny Little Classroom Planet,” image by @aforgrave, on Flickr (2012)

After a bit of experimentation, I realized that although my initial remembrance to start with a panorama image was correct, I was missing out on a sky to surround the planet.

I started with this:

“World of DS106: Starting Point” by @aforgrave

but without a sky, Tiny Planet Photos app gave me this:

“World of DS106 – First Attempt,” by @aforgrave

Along the way, I abandoned the Tiny Planet Photos app, and turned to the Internet for some instruction on how to do a #TinyPlanet photo myself using photoshop. I found “How to Turn a Smartphone Panorama Into a ‘Tiny Planet’ Photo” by Dan Paterson

I tried a number of skies:

“World of DS106 — Skies” animated GIF by @aforgrave

In the end, however, I removed the yellow mask from #Prisoner106, as it was putting a big bump in the planet, and used a transparent background to generate a #tinyplanet without a sky. I then set it into the star field and decided to animate it via a bunch of rotated layers.

Et, voila! The Tiny Planet World of DS106 was born.