Things Go Better with The Daily Create

The Daily Create, 8 pack, image by @aforgrave for #tdc1972

“The Daily Create, 8 pack,” image by @aforgrave for #tdc1972

The Daily Create #tdc1972 for June 3rd asks “what drink would define you?

I’m not about to say that I am defined by a drink, but I do have a fondness for a particular cola that has the same initials as Daily Create. This solution came to me after an on-and-off reflection through the day, driven by my desire to do something other than just take a picture of a pop bottle or cup of diet soda.

Once the idea came, the execution didn’t take too long, as I found a base image easily enough, and a bit of seaching online led to some forum discussions that led me to two “close enough” fonts:

After that, it was a bit of work with the Magic Wand, Clone Stamp, and Healing Brush tools in Photoshop, followed by a bit of applications of the Skew and Rotate transformations to fit in the replacement text.

Eh, voila!