Twitter’s Interface Redesign Cuts Corners to Compete with Google’s G+

“Round Twitter Icon,” image by @aforgrave

THE INTERNETZ – In a bold move, Twitter (@Twitter, on Twitter) has issued an interface design to prop up their flagging network usage, and to complete with upstart challenger social network, G+.

“While you can’t say you heard it from me,” reported one Twitter executive who denies having said it, “we have been eyeing those swank G+ user profile circles for some time now, and we are convinced those things are the way of the future.”

Another Twitter employee, from the design department this time, was overheard last week slagging the traditional square Twitter user avatar. “Those tiny rounded corners are a really inefficient way of saving a few pixels. Everyone worth their design salt knows that you get the greatest area to perimeter ratio when you go with the circle. All that stuff about square pegs in round holes, that’s hogwash. The circular user icon is the way to go. Folks just need to reshoot their Twitter icons to fit inside a circle!”

Response from Twitter users so far is fairly quiet, given that most have probably not made their cursory once-in-24-hours login. After the usual Twitter parade that the weekend brings, there should be a better sense of how the remaining user base is responding. They will need time to figure out how to do all the tweet, retweet, photo-attach, block, mute, and like actions that they had mastered so handily in the old interface, and so we await their glowing reviews, lukewarm likes, or fiery flame-tweets, as the case may be.