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Bring IT, Together!


After many months of planning, preparation, and hard work, the 34th annual conference of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) is underway. Following regular increases in yearly attendance in recent years, the decision was made to move the conference to a larger venue, resulting in our hosting of #ecoo13  in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Arriving at the conference centre yesterday evening, it was not long until darkness fell and I had an opportunity to appreciate the marquee on display outside the ScotiaBank Convention Centre of Niagara (SCCN) — no one image fully captured the full message or the impact of the marquee. Having spent considerable time working on the branding and promotion of the conference (, it was gratifying to see the culmination of things.

An Animated GIF was called for.

Following a series of full-day Wednesday Workshops today, we move ahead to two days of core conference session — each day featuring 75+ sessions and events, as well as a series of social events. All told, over 250 educators will share their expertise with the 1300+ attendees (or more — on-site registrations continue) over the course of the three days.

The full conference schedule of events is available and searchable on our Lanyrd site.

EduPunks’ Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF

"Edupunks Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF" animated GIF by aforgrave

“Edupunks Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF” animated GIF by aforgrave

Success! Oh Happy Day!! The flat original animated GIF layers, after being Grouped and Duplicated into the 3D Book template .psd, managed to hold their alignment as a group while the scale, rotate, and skew tranforms were applied.

After that, it was necessary to create 42 frames to re-make the animation (copying GIF layers to another file as a group keeps them together and in order as layers, but the frame animation information is lost) and then sequentially re-assign the GIF layers to the frames in order and then re-apply the frame intervals to restore the animation.

But it worked! Just as it should. No photoshop futzing required.

Hooray for the tool allowing the implementation of a vision in support of the refinement of a technical skill and acquisition of new learning all while some Art is being made.

tdc595: Kitchen Monster

"Kitchen Monster" animated GIF Wigglegram, by aforgrave

“Kitchen Monster” animated GIF Wigglegram, by aforgrave

The Daily Create tdc 595 for August 25th asks us to “build a monster out of items in your kitchen and post of photo of it.” I posted a static image of my monster to Flickr, but this Wigglegram version is perhaps a bit more animated.

The #headless13 fall session of #ds106 Digital Storytelling course begins today — and with it the opportunity to create the heck out of everything enjoyable!

Can you dig it?

Wiggle the PUSH Button

"Push" wigglegram animated GIF, by @aforgrave

“Push” wigglegram animated GIF, by @aforgrave

So I pulled out the 3D Camera app today on the train when I saw some discussion on Twitter about making Wigglegrams using mobile applications in response to the August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge #11. I’ve always enjoyed making wigglegrams using the 3D Camera app, and found a quick subject on the train that I could use as the basis for a GIF. There was a nice PUSH button that was within handy access at my feet.

The GIF was made from two photos shot on my iPhone within the 3D Camera app, aligned and merged within the app, emailed to myself (for some reason the app won’t let me save out to my Photos on the phone), re-scaled down to a width of 400 pixels, and then uploaded to WordPress, taking care to embed the 400 pixel sized image rather than allowing WordPress to scale it (and thus convert to a non-animated .jpg).

The original assignment in the assignment bank is Visual Assignments 352: Wiggle Stereoscopy.

Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D Groom

"Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D Groom" animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D Groom” animated GIF by @aforgrave

What a great fortune that I just happened to be watching Jim Groom (@jimgroom) and Paul Bond (pbond ) talking about Mario Bava‘s Kill, Baby, Kill yesterday and had this little moment of Jim fresh in my mind when I read about @iamTalkyTina‘s Animated GIF Assignment: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF challenge.

It’s not really clear what Jim is mumbling about at this point (he may have been making a reference to someone getting pushed, possibly down some stairs), but this definitely counts as a Count Floyd Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D moment.

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