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Giulia’s DS106 Shirt, 2nd. Edition

“Giulia’s DS106 T-Shirt, 2nd edition,” art remix by @giuliaforsythe

After five years of tender loving use, Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway, on Twitter) lovingly parted with his official Limited Edition Giulia Forsythe DS106 T-shirt.  Todd’s shirt,  available exclusively through the 2012 DS106 Kickstarter campaign by Jim Groom (@jimgroom), had accumulated too many additional holes where there weren’t supposed to be holes.

A quick query to Giulia (@giuliaforsythe, on Twitter) prompted her immediate reply with a link to her original artwork.

“DS106 ALBUM ART” by Giulia Forsythe, on Flickr, based on Goo

It was a little photoshop work for me to prep the image to print white on transparent (essentially, remove the black) so that the shirt colour takes the place of the black, as with the Kickstarter original, but the design is now posted to the ds106zone store on Zazzle.

If, like Todd, you are in need of replacement, you can now get one. If you didn’t have an opportunity to get one in 2012 and would like one now, you can get this 2nd edition release now.

Zazzle will let you choose an alternate colour (as shown above) and cut (women’s fit, long sleeves, etc.) I let Zazzle notify me of their sale events, and try to order things when they are at a nice discount.

T-shirts are available today (July 29th) from the .com store at 40% off with the code SUMMERHOORAY

The DS106zone store is at and you can link to the shirt directly here: Giulia’s DS106 T-Shirt, 2nd edition

… And One Day, He Just Faded Away …

“… He Just Faded Away,” image by @aforgrave

This is for The Daily Create, tdc1986, where we are asked to explore the Upworthy Generator and then tell an Upworthy-type story. Of course, everyone can learn from the strange tale of Dr. Oblivion, and we all understand the important benefits of Making Art.

For this create, I searched for images of Dr. Oblivion on the web, and the returned image led me to the posted video on Youtube Dr. Oblivion Welcomes You to ds106, where I sourced an appropriate screen capture at about 28:40 when he was talking about the DailyShoot (we’re taking pre-TheDailyCreate days, here!).  If you haven’t seen Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter) doing his introductory DS106 welcome as Dr. Oblivion, it is well worth it. I’ve embedded it below!

I snagged Jim’s twitter avatar from his Twitter account.

For the quote, I put words in Jim’s mouth. But I’m sure he agrees with them!

Here is Dr. Oblivion from The Summer of Oblivion, June 2011.

Obama on Groom

There once was a teacher named Groom,
Who created a spark in the room.
Quoting “Make some art, dammit!”
He unveiled his plan. It
Succeeded, and he yelled out “Boom!

Created using TalkObamaToMe for The Daily Create, #tdc1977 — “What Might Obama Say About …

Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter), founder of the DS106 digital storytelling community, Reclaim Hosting, and pioneer Edupunk.

The Collection

"the Collection," animatedGIF by @aforgrave

“the Collection,” animatedGIF by @aforgrave

At the suggestion of Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter), I have located some pleasantly-Village-esque striped shirts that members of the Summer 2015 Community may wish to investigate as potential additions to their summer/fall wardrobe.

There is no guarantee as to quantity — and you will need to determine if the size you need is available in the colours of your choice – but each of the shirts in the image above was sourced today on eBay and is available new from several dealers. You are responsible for your own purchases! Links are provided below for your convenience.

The shirts, as seen above, are available in the following combinations:


I was in the process of using the beautiful background image above for Visual Assignment 1731: Camp Poster when I switched gears and sourced the other colours of shirts on eBay. Thinking they would look more at home in The Village rather than just set against a white background, I cropped each one (Magic Wand tool, eraser) and then tidied the edges with Select>Refine Edge before bringing them into the poster file and placing them in front of the image. I then re-jigged the title, and set the frames and timings at 2.0 seconds  in the Timeline. I used the Tween option in the Timeline menu to create the transitions between each of the six images, with 3 frames added between each. Transition frames are set to a timing of 0.1 seconds each.



Attribution: background image from


A Bit of History, and Ten Little Noirs


2013-era Screening Room at Kingsway Theatre, Toronto, based on an original image (CC BY-3.0) by Jason Whyte


Decades ago, when I was going to school in Toronto, there was a great repertory cinema called the Nostalgic Cinema. Rather than screening newer films, the Nostalgic stuck to older 16mm films, mostly black & white — Alfred Hitchcock’s work was regularly featured to the extent that there was a framed list posted outside the screening room that identified his role and cameo for each film in his body of work.

The screening room itself was small, located on the second floor of the Kingsway Theatre, and featured perhaps three plywood risers each holding perhaps two rows of maybe five or six seats. Wonderfully cosy, (I think I remember bead curtains on the two entry doors off the second floor hallway, and drapes on the walls for ambiance — and soundproofing), it was a great place to get introduced to all those old films. Limited information located tonight suggests that the Nostalgic sat perhaps an audience of 25-30. Sadly, I was unable to find barely a mention of it on the net.

"Kingsway, coloursplash," by @aforgrave, based on an original image (CC BY-3.0) by kingswaytheatre

“Kingsway, coloursplash,” by @aforgrave, based on an original image (CC BY-3.0) by kingswaytheatre

At the time (early 80s), the Nostalgic Cinema and the downstairs 700 seat Kingsway theatre were part of the Festival repertory theatre chain (perhaps 5-6 theatres total throughout Toronto), each of which offered up two different movies each night of the week, plus matinees on the weekend. Admission for a movie at the time was $2 (with your membership card, which perhaps was a one-time fee of $2?) and was as close as you could get back then to Netflix today. This was pretty much before VHS and video-rental chains took off.

A few years after, but on the opposite end of the Toronto, I found a video rental shop that stocked an inventory of classic films (we’re talking VHS cassettes at the time) — it was there that I was able to source out a copy of the original The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), directed by Robert Wise. Having seen the film once years before, I knew that it would be a perfect focus for a paper I was writing on the 1950s fear of nuclear power/aliens/other/cold war. Being able to call up the store (on a landline, mind you) and then rent a copy at the time pointed out how valuable it was to have such resources at hand. We’re talking LONG before the Internet.

Fast Forward to Today*

*Pardon the magnetic tape reference.

So yes. Now we live in the age of Netflix and internet delivery of a wide range of cinema (and television) content. Some aspects of access have certainly changed. But old films and television shows are still a treasure!

Last season (during the late summer and the fall run up to #Wire106), I located the wonderfully stocked Classic Video rental shop (40,000 discs packed into two floors!) about an hour’s drive away in the next town over. In addition to providing rental access to the complete 5 seasons of The Wire, I was able to access some great television series from my childhood and from across the pond.  They even have a great video telling their story! Check it out …

Sourcing Some Noir

So this past weekend, while returning the last of my outstanding rentals of The Sweeney and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, I took a few moments to root through the Classics section at Classic Video in search of some noir for me to dig into in the coming weeks. I had a few titles I was looking for, but for the most part, if it looked noir (or if it said noir), then I added it to my stack. At three films for $4.99, I tend to get 3×3 films to tide me over. When I had my nine, I stopped digging, and tendered my $16.91 — what a great deal!

Here then, sorted in chronological order only now as I document the list, are the films that I have queued up for the next little while.

"Eight Little Noirs," animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Eight Little Noirs,” animated GIF by @aforgrave

It’s been many years since I kind of watched Our Man in Havana, and reading the synopsis clarifies that it won’t really play well as a noir, but I’ll watch it anyway.

Now, I did say Ten Little Noirs up in the title, and that’s because I’ve already started watching another film that I saw in first release back in the eighties, and that I’m looking to GIF in the next little while. I’ll hold the title to that one close to my chest for a couple of days, but I’m going to see if I can unpack whether it’s noir, or whether it is just borrowing from noir, or whether it might be some kind of mutated noir, akin to what Jim Groom was talking about.

Time for some Art!

Daily Create Shirt – 2017

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Bava/Nobody WIRE106 T-Shirt

3D Anaglyphs

3D Glasses_FLAT AnaglyphBADGE GREY fill BLACK

3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

The Daily Create T-Shirt


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