Dimensions in 2012

Project 2012/366 LEt's GO !!

'Project 2012/366 LEt's GO !!' on Flickr by aforgave

2012 has arrived! I’ve spent the evening preparing my 2012/366 Project Flickr photo Lego, and have posted a number of versions to Instagram, Flickr, and TwitPic.

While I took a good number of images this evening with my Sony NEX-5 camera (dozens, to be precise), as it would turn out, the selected image was actually captured with the camera on my iPhone. This particular image was run through the Instagram app, and processed with my favourite go-to filter, Lomo-fi. Instagram is a fun app and brings with it the option of participating in a photo-sharing community.

The 3D Camera app on the iPhone allows for the creation of a number of different types of 3D images, and the “Wigglegram” is always one of my favourites from this app. The Wigglegram setting creates an animated .gif image from two slightly adjacent images, and shuttles between the two to provide a sense of dimension and depth. Check it out!

Wigglegram, created with the 3D Camera app for iPhone

If you have some cyan/magenta 3D glasses lying around, you might like to check out this 3D image (also created with 3D Camera app). In this case (the “Optimized” setting), the two images are blended into one, and the different colored lenses separate them for the stereoscopic 3D effect. Cool, eh?

3D LEt's GO 2012/366 #3
Optimized Anaglyph on Flickr by aforgave

There are some additional 3D variations (grey, full) posted on my Flickr account.

Thanks to Alan Levine (cogdogblog) for the tip on posting animated gifs to WordPress. (Now I need to do some of those fancy movie-to-gif ones. Maybe Alan and Giulia can give me a lesson when they are back this way!)