Bava for The Bava: Count Floyd Style

A couple days back, Jim Groom tweeted out about Mario Bava films. After a short twitter conversation comparing respective access, I was all set, and shortly thereafter, after deciding to start with “Planet of the Vampires,” the following ensued.

"A Bava-Count Floyd-Planet-Vampire Moment" animated GIF by aforgrave

“A Bava & Count Floyd Planet-Vampire Moment” animated GIF by aforgrave

If you were ever a fan of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre on SCTV, you will no doubt remember the wonderful 3D re-enactments (example: 3D House of Flies) that Dr. Tongue and Bruno performed, and you’ll likely appreciate this GIF. If not, you’ll likely appreciated it, just not fully or perhaps not for the same reasons. (Check out the venerable Monster Chiller Horror Theatre show host Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty) as he introduces Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Pancakes (embedded below), and again, in fine form in  Blood Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin PA!!!

SCTV was my generation’s Monty Python.

What can I say. This GIF is only the beginning?  How could it not be, with Bava^2 for inspiration.