Broadcasting Through Dimensions Across Time and Space

In anticipation of this summer’s #ds1o6zone (Jim Groom is twiddling the dials on his old TV set in readiness), and in response to Grant Potter’s The Black Leather Jackets post (in which he notes, “Well, there’s one thing we can do, we can make sure they have a license to operate …”), I submit, for your approval,

"Exeter Appears on the Interociter" animated GIF by aforgrave

“Exeter Appears on the Interociter” animated GIF by aforgrave

I have a good whack of GIFs from This Island Earth that I was working on for GIFestivus2012 (heck, I’ve even started the animatedGIF movie poster!) — but they were never posted (who’s in charge of getting that done around here, anyway?). So here is one, anyway, that speaks of broadcasting across time and space and dimensions.  Electronics genius (and air force test pilot) Cal and his assistant have just successfully finished building the Interociter from parts and the instructions that mysteriously arrived via mail order at their lab. Next thing you know, they’re talking to aliens!

I’m assembling the parts to my own Interociter as you read this. I hope to be able to use it to connect to the #ds106zone by the time Earth gets within range.  Are you building yours?