YEE HAW! It’s a Bronco Rider GIFfight!


“Bronco with Barn Boards” for GIFfight! by @aforgrave View with red-cyan 3D glasses (click for a larger image)

3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

@iamTalkyTina was calling for a GIFfight! last night, and today, in keeping with the #western106 theme, @mbransons called out “Draw!” and the bronco rider GIFfight! was on.  Quick to respond were @phb256 and @johnjohnston. Paul’s bronco is bucking while the world turns upside down, and John’s seems to be tumbling in a full 360º within the boundaries of the circular frame.

Given my recent foray back into the world of 3D, I decided to go with an anaglyph-a-GIF, and added some barnboards in the foreground. Somebody drilled a nice round hole for you to peek through.

YEE HAW! #western106 has begun!