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YEE HAW! It’s a Bronco Rider GIFfight!


“Bronco with Barn Boards” for GIFfight! by @aforgrave View with red-cyan 3D glasses (click for a larger image)

3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

@iamTalkyTina was calling for a GIFfight! last night, and today, in keeping with the #western106 theme, @mbransons called out “Draw!” and the bronco rider GIFfight! was on.  Quick to respond were @phb256 and @johnjohnston. Paul’s bronco is bucking while the world turns upside down, and John’s seems to be tumbling in a full 360º within the boundaries of the circular frame.

Given my recent foray back into the world of 3D, I decided to go with an anaglyph-a-GIF, and added some barnboards in the foreground. Somebody drilled a nice round hole for you to peek through.

YEE HAW! #western106 has begun!

Don Better Watch Out for Rover

"Don Better Watch Out for Rover" animatedGIF by @aforgrave

“Don Better Watch Out for Rover” animatedGIF by @aforgrave

This is a combo entry for both the current #GIFfight and the summer 2015 #prisoner106. And also MBS‘ (@mbransons, on Twitter)  Namaste Don.

I snagged this Rover for the background from episode 2 of the 2009 AMC remake of The Prisoner, “Harmony.”

Diver #GIFfight!

"GIFfight! Mac Aquarium, with Diver," animatedGIF by @aforgrave

“GIFfight! Mac Aquarium, with Diver,” animatedGIF by @aforgrave

The GIFfight! challenge is always a fun one. First established by New York art professor Ryan Seslow (@ryanseslow) and long-time #ds106 participant and communications instructor Micheal Branson Smith (@mbransons), it has drawn the attention of a good number of the GIFfing #ds106 community.

The static prompt for this challenge is a still of an undersea diver — on a skateboard or surfboard.  While other entries to date take the diver to a variety of locations, I decided to put the diver back underwater in a simple animated aquatic scene. Once that was done, I needed a container to house the scene. What better than a classic Mac Plus hardware Aquarium.

Enjoy! And check out all the fancy stickers that you can look at when the power is off.


This Rolling Stone Ain’t Rolling … Yet!

"Sisyphus Anaglyph" by @aforgrave, based on illustration 11, Emblemes, Illust. by Geo. Wither (1635)

“Sisyphus Anaglyph” by @aforgrave, based on illustration 11, Emblemes, Illust. by Geo. Wither (1635)

Sisyphus pushed the stone up the hill — and George Wither captured it in his 11th Embleme in 1635.

After last week’s introduction of #GIFfight! entries based on Emblemes, Illustrated by Geo. Wither (published 1635), I’ve enjoyed not only the opportunity of creating animated GIFs from his art, but also some nice learning from the challenge of creating 3D anaglyph GIFs as well.

The image above represents my second attempt at a 3D red/cyan anaglyph, and I will say that the process went considerably faster the second time than the first. I started developing this anaglyph with the intention of wrapping a complete Anaglyph Tutorial around it, but I have this afternoon encountered and anaglyphed another image that will also be used to describe part of the process.  Follow the links below (as they are developed) to each part of the process.

An Outline of the Process

Note that I have used Photoshop, and so you may have to alter the technical steps somewhat if you are using another image editing program. However, the four steps listed below will be consistent regardless of what you use. Greater details, should you require them, will be linked to each of the following.

1. Work with an image that has clearly defined background and foreground elements.
2. Separate the foreground element from the background into separate layers.
3. Make two copies of each layer, and filter one for red and one for cyan.
4. Adjust the x-positions (left or right) of the red and cyan layers to effect a perceived change in their z-position (into or out of the screen)

The Tutorial

Part 1: Selecting the Image
Part 2: Separating Foreground and Background
Part 3: Colour Filtering  (link to follow)
Part 4: Positioning Layers to Simulate Depth  (link to follow)
Part 5: Extending the Technique to make an Anaglyph-a-GIF  (link to follow)

As previously indicated, there are two new assignments in the DS106 Assignment Bank that you may wish to explore:

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Depth of a Field with Skeleton

Now that the Anaglyph-A-GIF has been a little more clearly defined, I’ve decided to add it (along with the simpler, static 3D Anaglyph to the ds106 Assignment Bank.

I did a search for anaglyph and 3D, and didn’t really turn anything up that is similar aside from Bill Genereux’s Wiggle Stereoscopy (Visual Assignment 352),  the similar 2-frame stereoscopic wiggle gram Stereo GIFs (Animated GIF assignment 991),  and iamTalkyTina‘s Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF (Animated GIF Assignment 1191). So I think it’s a safe bet that these two items featuring a cyan/magenta anaglyph can be added in.

Having decided that, I then spent a bit of time revisiting the George Wither illustration 8 to come up with a couple of clear examples for the assignment pages. One needed to move, and the other needed to illustrate the static “popping out” that seems to be nice to have in a 3D image. Knowing that the assignment bank GIF thumbnails are best at 300 pixels square, I wanted to plan to fit into that space. The extra space required in my original “Boo” Skeleton GIF wouldn’t work well there.

With that in mind, I revised my original Depth of A Field image (separated layers) and added the Skeleton back in (minus the hand, stick, and cup). I scaled the skele up a bit to obscure the bits of content-aware fill that existed in the existing background layers that were previously hidden by the hand. (I had branched off from the original Depth of a Field .psd to create the Boo image with the Skeleton. The Boo .psd simply had a merged and static anaglyph background and so editing in that file wasn’t going to work if I wanted to stay within the bounds of the circle. I decided to remove the bounding lines to result in something with as clean and distraction-free as possible.

The Results

First, the static “Depth of a Field, with Skeleton” image, with the popping out skeleton.

"Depth of A Field, with Skeleton (Static)" 3D Anaglyph by @aforgrave based on Geo Wither Illustration 8 (1635)

“Depth of A Field, with Skeleton (Static)” 3D Anaglyph by @aforgrave based on Geo Wither Illustration 8 (1635)

And the new badge to go along with it:
3D Glasses_FLAT AnaglyphBADGE GREY fill BLACK

Second, the animated “Depth of a Field, with Skeleton” GIF.

"Depth of A Field, with Skeleton (Static)" 3D Anaglyph-A-GIF by @aforgrave based on Geo Wither Illustration 8 (1635)

“Depth of A Field, with Skeleton (Static)” 3D Anaglyph-A-GIF by @aforgrave based on Geo Wither Illustration 8 (1635)

And the other new badge for the animated GIF anaglyphs:
3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

New Assignments

The new assignments in the ds106 Assignment Bank are as follows:

I’ve been working on a new George Wither Anaglyph/Anaglyph-A-GIF over the past day, and I’ve been assembling some components for illustration and tutorial purposes. I hope to post a tutorial in the next day or so.

Let the submissions begin!

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