Make a Poster to Celebrate Your Achievement in Completing the 30-Day Challenge!

“June 2017 30 Day Challenge for The Daily Create poster, animated GIF by @aforgrave

Sure. You can make a list of your 30-Day Challenge art. Maybe you can earn yourself a badge. However, why not take the final step and create your very own ready-t0-print 2’x3′ wall-mountable poster to celebrate your month of creativity? (Note: current technology does not allow you to animate a printed poster, so you still need to to a GIF version to enjoy that feature.)

Here is my completed 2’x3′ poster as a flattened PDF.

Download a layered photoshop template PSD file, all ready for you to insert and crop the 30 images that represent your contributions to the June 2017 30-Day Challenge for The Daily Create.

Options within the Template

You have 4 options for how your poster may look, depending on the layers you activate in the PSD.

  1. Black Frame with TDC numbers displayed
  2. Black Frame without TDC numbers
  3. White Frame with TDC numbers
  4. White Frame without TDC numbers

My poster and GIF above were generated with option #3. Depending on the contents of your 30 boxes, you may find one option looks better than another. Simply toggle on the layers you wish to use.

June 2017 30-Day Challenge poster options,” animated GIF by @aforgrave