The New Ontario Education Dictionary of Words

I started drafting a response here this morning to the recent announcements by the Ontario Liberal Government and Minister of Education Laurel Broten. As it would turn out, I wound up posting the item on my blog, “Broten: Oxymorons, Verbs, and Grammar.”  Feel free to follow the full story there.

However, it seemed appropriate to continue to share this one particular item here, as it might be of interest to readers here who follow some of the more creative endeavours on de•tri•tus. Here’s the set-up, from Twitter conversations Thursday morning as the “hammer” was coming down:

@acambell99 started something with this ...

@acambell99 started something with this …


This morning, the latest copy of The New Ontario Education Dictionary of Words (it is updated daily) appeared on my computer, and I turned to the appropriate page to see if it was indeed up-to-date. It was. (Coincidentally, this is quite an interesting collection of consecutive, yet somehow relevant words!!)

Pg 216

I wonder — might there be some value in telling a story through a page of a dictionary?