Relax during the Spring Break!

Spring break is about to arrive! Households all across the province are breathing a sigh of relief!  Educators and students alike will be enjoying a much needed respite from school, and will enjoy the opportunity to have some much needed social/family time.

When we heard that the break had been moved into April, we adjusted our spring support series to include three events for the coming week that nicely fit into that social/relaxation/family time.

On Tuesday, April 13th, we will be hosting an afternoon tea. On Wednesday, April 14th, we will be hosting an afternoon wine tasting. On Thursday, April 15th, we will be hosting an afternoon #Family Art/Making event with UK artist/maker Darryl Wakelam. 

All of these activities are free as a benefit of an 2021 ECOO membership. Register for one, two, or all three!  (If you are not yet an member for 2021, you can join/renew your membership for the nominal fee of $25, and immediately gain access to all ECOO member benefits, including free registration for all Support series events.) 

If you have kids or grandkids, please consider registering for the Thursday #Family event and having them join the call to participate with you! 

We wish everyone the very best during this long-awaited and undisputedly-deserved spring break. All educators understand the role that the spring break plays in the larger flow of the school year, for educators and students alike!

Your ECOO board continues to explore opportunities to support the membership and Ontario educators. Keep an eye peeled on the ECOO website and upcoming ECOO Updates for additional developments!